Tuesday, September 12, 2006

More Favorite Pictures

Well, I still have some more favorite pictures.  I know this isn't exciting reading, but I wanted to share.

Here is the gallery
and here are a couple of my favorites.

This was at a gravel pit.  What makes this cooler is my older son Nathan also did this.

This was taken by my son Nathan.

This is just the feeling I get when I am on a bike.  There is no other way to describe it.

Well, if you have time, review the pictures.  There are also some funny bloopers there.

Thursday, September 7, 2006

Building a youth alternative community

I, like many of you, know youth in the MySpace world.  I am not going to rant, but am going to say what I am involved in.

I am involved in a ministry called Youth Net and was asked by the leader if it was possible to build a similar community.  I am a web hack, so I am testing a bunch of components to see what we can do.  I finally have something working with very few bugs.  I am asking people to help me test it so I can see what needs to be changed.

Currently I have a personal blog feature similar to HSB, with comments and the like.  I have a user list and private messaging.  I also have a user web gallery.

I am not trying to reinvent the wheel and ask people to come over to my site.  I am asking for help in developing it.  Ultimately, I may take this don from my site when I feel all the bugs are worked out and it is safe to rebuild at Youth Net.(The goal of YN is to build a site where students can blog about their Christian groups in school and support eachther in prayer).  I may keep it for the youth in my church that I minister to, but all that is still up in the air.  Right now the goal is to get things working.  For the sake of my youth, I would ask for help from other Christian youth and parents.

Please take the tme to check things out at www.mtbmichigan.com

Some of my Favorite Mountain Biking Pictures

I was going through old pictures the other day and decided to put together a few galleries of my favorites.  This gallery contains some of my favorite biking pictures over the last few years.  I took most, but not all of these pictures.  Please note, though some of the pictures are some of my better camera work, some are just sentimental moments.

Favorite Biking Pictures