Monday, October 30, 2006

Ray's MTB Park

I had a chance to go down to Cleveland with my sons this past weekend:,com_zoom/Itemid,50/catid,5/

Jordan, my youngest son

Nathan, my oldest child

Me, and the trick that opened up the door to share the Gospel:

If I could pass anything on to my kids during such a  fun day, it is to be the Gospel to people and to be it in season and out of season.  I had no intent of doing anything but having fun.  Since we have hardly had a chance to ride this year, I wanted to make up for lost time.  The opportunities to model Jesus just happen, and you gotta take em.  They weren't big or grandios (sp?) but they were opportunities to be a model of Jesus to people and that is what we are called to do.

The park was a blast.  I loved everything there, though the pump track was my favorite.