Saturday, July 28, 2007

Guess who Threw Me a Welcome Party???

Guess who threw me a welcome party when we got home from Peru?

Thursday, July 12, 2007

Amazing Chicken Mummy News!!!

Did you know that chicken mummies were even around in 18th century England?  Yeah, Andrea just told me they were in a Jane Austin book, Emma.  Apparently the chicken mummies return was what put her father over the edge and decided it would be good for her to marry Mr. Knightly and allow him to live in their the Woodhouse estate.  Those chicken mummies must have been just as pesky then as they are in my home...

Tuesday, July 10, 2007

How the Chicken Mummies Spent Their 4th of July

As you know, the chicken mummies and I have grown quite close over the last few months.  Well, last week they experienced their first 4th of July.  One morning while we were enjoying a delicious cup of Starbucks coffee together, Cleopatra asked me to look at something.  Apparently she had wandered to a station on her mini tv that was showing recaps of the Detroit fireworks.  Well, as we looked, the other three bandaged, headless roasters peered over my shoulder to see what we were looking at.  Two seconds later and the house was all in uproar.  There were bouncing fowl all agog, wanting to go to a fireworks display.  I got them to settle down and agreed that the next evening we would somehow see fireworks.

Well, the next morning came.  It was the 4th of July.  All I wanted to do was rest.  As you know we did a lot of work the previous week.  Today it was my day to rest.  Andrea got up first.  She made the coffee and had some time alone in the kitchen, so the chickens were a little out of spirits to start off the day.  I got up and Andrea addressed me with a "lets stay home today and not do anything".  It sounded good to me, but from atop the fridge I saw a box begin to open and a featherless wing moving from side to side as if to say, NO.  I told Andrea, that we will just see.

My dad called.  "What's on the cook tonight?"  As you know, my dad and I are into grilling.  We talked for a while and he told me that Uncle Randy was going to go to the Freedom Hill Fireworks.  Freedom Hill is really close to my house.  Great idea.  That's what we will do.

I mention it to Andrea after I got off the phone with dad.  She is not too thrilled.  From on the fridge came an angry bump.  Andrea looked around to see what t was, but then quickly went back to her business.  Lucky brake for me, her friend Terisa called.  She invited us to fireworks at her house.  I somehow manage to sign to her that we should go.  She agrees, and the family will go to their house at 8:00pm.  Great!  Now, how do I get the chickens into the van???

I typically sneak off to my room for about 10 minutes at a time to practice my bass.  Andrea went downstairs to work.  I took the mummies to my room and put them in my bass guitar bag.  They weren't too sure about this idea, but I explained to them that Terisa's son is a bass player and it would not seem odd for me to bring my bass to their house.  8:00pm comes and off we go. 

From here everything worked without a hitch, except that one time Jordan had the bb gun and thought he saw the mummies.....

Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Pictures from our outreaches this week

Well, I am happy to be awake right now.  Andrea, the kids, the Sawicki's, my sister, her daughters, and the McClatchey's (all on this site) and I all finished a major week of outreach to our community.  We hosted a team from New Covenant Church in Hampton, VA to work with us.  Overall, we were a part of reaching over 1,000 people with the Gospel.  We saw approximately 300 make commitments to Jesus and many more new relationships were formed.  We took a step forward in a multi-cultural kingdom ministry as we mixed hard rock with hip hop, and also ministered in the Muslim community of Dearborn.  All in all, this was an awesome week.

The picture galleries can be found here:




Hope for Warren/Detroit


Fun Day Downtown