Thursday, May 24, 2007

Mish Mash

I have been running like a chicken with its head cut off for quite some time now.  I know what a chicken with its head cut off runs like as my wife has four of them mummified on our fridge right now, but that is another story.  I have been running and learning some valuable lessons.  This post is going to be a mishmash of those lessons.

Scot Somerville posted a blog on the K-Dad network about a guy using scripture to defend his decision not to homeschool.

He followed that up with points on where he agreed and disagreed with this guy.

On his points of agreeing with the writer, I have to say I agreed with him.  Scot made mention of how some who homeschool have made homeschooling their gospel.  I have seen this in my local circles.

I have also been working as a sales representative for Linde Gas the last three years.  I do no fit the mold of a salesman, and do not fit the corporate lifestyle.  Somehow, though, I hit a rare honor to finish a sales quarter as number 1.  I have noticed that two things have happened in my life regarding this:

1. I find myself bleeding Linde blue.

2. I find myself coasting on my achievements.

We have been working on different projects at the church.  They range from VBS, Hope for Warren/Detroit, Youth Outreach, Missions to Detroit, Missions to Peru, outdoor gardening, indoor rebuilding the sanctuary, and a winter retreat on top of our regular duties as youth pastors and running the youth and children’s ministries.  I love this part of the year in our church.  I love to do the work of the kingdom and partner with others who do as well.

I would like to take a minute to stop my thoughts to tell you all how proud of my kids (and my very close friends the Sawicki’s kids, too) I am.  My daughters and Kalene worked very hard to make the garden beds at the church look nice on the outside, while my boys, and Richie worked like crazy tearing the sanctuary apart to get it ready for the new carpet.

Okay, back to the thought in the previous paragraph.  I love to do this work, but I notice there are only a select few who regularly put their hand to the plow.  It was great to see a new generation of workers, though.

I have also been working on websites.  I have been working on our church site, the Institute for Black Family Development and Missions Without Borders as well as trying to recreate my youth community site at . 

As you know I got a bass guitar.  I have time to practice only two times a week as I am never home.

I am an avid biker.  Yeah right.  I have only been on the trails three times this year.  No wonder I am overweight.

I have been grilling like mad over the last several months.  This is partly because I like it, and partly because we have been so busy that I have been helping with the cooking.

What does all this mean?  I will try to sum up the lessons learned. 

  1. Idols are everywhere.  We tend to place so many things in front of the true work of the kingdom.  Some do it in a “godly way” but miss God for their own small vision lining what they want as gospel.  Some don’t even know they have things out of perspective.  I am guilty of this.  Some hide behind idols of some things, though they may be called of God to actually do them.  Some don’t even realize when they are getting pulled away.  Some of us drink the corporate “kool aide” and don’t even notice.  I am called to work.  I am not called to get self righteous in my work.

  1. There is a ton of work needed to reach the lost.  It was great to see a second generation of workers.  It is important to impart t our children the value of practice as well as knowledge.  If we just teach them the Bible, but don’t let them get their hands dirty, we are missing something.

  1. Websites are a lot of work.

  1. Rob, did you ever hear of the word MARGIN?????  For cryin’ out loud, I have been running too much!  I have little to no time to take care of my needs.  I can see how my wife feels.  She has worked endlessly for far too long.  I think we should take a vacation.  BTW, just to throw in a quick note, my wife is gorgeous and I am the luckiest guy in the whole world.

  1. On that margin note, I am also in desparate need of time alone with our Father.  Working like crazy, even if it is for the kingdom, can become empty if you are empty.  Margin with Dad is necessary.

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A Parody Band

Well, now that I am a total rock star, I find myself surfing the web looking for other bands to associate and jam with.  You know how it is, you get really talented, get too big for your fishbowl and have to broaden your horizons, you dig me...  Yeah, well I am at that place.  I am doin' like 40 minute bass solos at the church, and doin' impromptu concerts in my front yard, signin' autographs, the whole nine yards.....  I'm at this place where I need to expand my artistic abilities.  So I am looking on line to find a band who has the sound I'm lookin' for to go big with.

EDITOR'S NOTE:   Read the above as "I was on line reading someone's blog.  I happened to find this parody band I wanted to share with you.  They are called ApologetiX, and they are a Christian group who takes modern songs and rewrites them.  Some of the songs are really good, some are really funny.  The link to their website is .   They have tons of free downloads. 

In no way am I any good at playing bass guitar yet.  I have played a few times with my youth.  Most of my time on the web is related to work.  The time I do spend on music is related to learning how to play."