Sunday, November 12, 2006

Soap Poisoning is Eminent

Well, I hesitate to write this because it really drives home that something is wrong with me. I am victim of another soap story! This one was by my own hand. Sad but true, I must really have a problem.

Each Wednesday morning I wake up early to help at a local high school Christian Club. I provide support as a youth pastor. This venture has me waking up at around 5:00 am each Wednesday.

Recently, we got a new dog. Her name is Faith. She is a boxer mix puppy. She is pretty cute, but also very young. This means potty training. Is it called potty training when it is a dog?

Well, it was about 6:00. I just made the coffee and was about to get my to go cup ready for the morning. I was just about to wash my cup when I heard a little whimpering from the boys room. I sat the cup down next to the sink and ran to take care of the puppy.

Okay, puppy taken care of. No messes. Where were we? Oh that's right the coffee. I put my sugar and cream in and filled the cup with a delicious Starbuck's roasted bean. Out the door I run, coffee in hand, and off to the youth group.

I get to the group all right and didn't have a sip. Fortunately the cup I used keeps the coffee quite warm. It is around 7:30 now and I am off to the other side of the city for a meeting with my boss. It is now time to enjoy my coffee. I take a sip and realize that I never actually cleaned the cup.  All I did was fill the cup with soap. It all comes back to me that I had to run to take care of the puppy and that I set the cup down next to the sink without washing it. Man, all I need is another bagel and this coffee would be perfect!!!

On being Blogger of the Week

I would like to say thank you for choosing me as Blogger of the Week.  I get a kick out of writing stories about my family when I can, and that just made it really special to me.  It is nice to know people enjoy my family as much as I do.


Tuesday, November 7, 2006

The Dangers of Homeschooling

I know we are supposed to be homeschool advocates, but I have just run into several dangers of being a homeschool parent.  These are not little pitfalls, but major death defying dangers.  I am scared to write this as I know some left leaning anti homeschooler will use this as proof that we are radicals.

Several days ago I came home.  I was tired and slightly discombobulated.  I was running low on blood sugar from not eating the entire day at work.  I had a few minutes to spare between appointments so I wanted to eat a very quick bite and be off.

I looked in the fridge (where the chicken mummies nearly fell on my head when I opened the door) and found a rare treat.  Bagels.  Oh what a delight!  Bagels are wonderful.  I was so excited to have a bagel.  Oh, and look at that on the counter.  Could that be cream cheese?

I was so excited to have a bagel with cream cheese that I hardly noticed it was a little hard to spread.  Maybe it was accidentally put in the freezer.  No problem, I will just put it in the microwave and warm the whole thing up together. 

30 seconds had passed and the cream cheese melted into the bagel.  I could hardly wait to eat this wonderful little morsel.  Hope sprang into my body, and just the smell of warm bagel was revitalizing my energy.  I took a bite.  Mmmmmm, mmmmm, ummm...

Something was a little out of the ordinary on that bite.  No matter, all will be right with the next bite.  Slowly I closed my eyes and opened my mouth to taste that wonderful cream cheese, but...  Now it was certain.  Something was definitely not right here.  Maybe it was the cream cheese.  Maybe it had been sitting a little too long on the counter.  I did notice it was a little hard to spread.  Well, I was hungry and there was no point in wasting a bagel, even if it did taste a little weird.

I went on to nearly the end of the bagel wondering where I had tasted that wierd taste before.  I couldn't put my finger on it.  Suddenly, the wife and kids burst through the front door. 

"What are you eating," my wife asked. 
"A bagel and cream cheese," said I.  "Would you like one?"
"Sure" was the unanimous reply.

We started to eat bagels together and I noticed the kids avoided the cream cheese on the counter and instead went for some other cream cheese in the fridge.  Fortunately for them, the chicken mummies had been moved so they wouldn't fall on their heads.  I asked them why they didn't finish the cream cheese on the counter.  "Dad, that isn't cream cheese.  It's a bar of soap!"