Friday, March 21, 2008

A Must Listen

I wanted to pass this on to everyone. This audio is from my pastor at our Master Builders National Leadership conference. If you are experiencing changes in your walk or changes in your church, this might shed some light on the subject.

Just when you thought they were gone

The top of the fridge has been bare for several months now. I was under the impression that they had packed up and moved. Who you might ask has backed up and moved? Well, my dear friends, the chicken mummies.

Over this winter I built a mountain bike and did some smaller tasks around the house. I noticed on each occasion that my tool have been missing. I also noticed that for several months my garage, which I like to be kept NEAT, has been pretty messy. I thought it was Jordan. He likes to tinker.

Some other things I have noticed around the house are as follows:

  • My kids scooters and roller blades have been all over the garage

  • My computer died

  • Mysterious bumping on the garage door

  • My dogs have woken up in the middle of the night on several occasions

  • I have had a hard time finding my grill thermometer

  • The middle of the night the temperature drops to like 50 degrees

  • No matter what time it is in the morning I do not have hot water when I take a shower

Today I went to the basement to go ride my trainer. I ended up not riding it because I noticed the door to the garage was opened. I inspected the garage to find four boxes opened and four shivering, bandage wrapped chickens huddled together inside. As I went to talk to them, they all turned their backs to me. After a few seconds I noticed a piece of paper slid in my direction. I picked it up and read it. It said:

"We have frozen out here all winter. We are unhappy with our current accommodations and would like to return to our rightful place on the top of the fridge. Please take this matter up for us as soon as possible.

The Chicken Mummies"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

I Once Said

I once said, "no matter where I go I will capture the moment!" I was wrong. I have missed a lot of moments lately. Some of them have just been silly things, but one was really dumb for me to have missed.

As some of you know, we visited the restaurant of the Canadian Prime Minister, Tim Horton, and met the Campbell family. Like a dork, I did not bring a camera. It was pretty stupid of me not to bring one. Here we were, eating donuts and drinking coffee with foreigners and I didn't get a single picture. What a dope.

Well, there was a reason I didn't bring a camera, albeit a DUMB one. I wanted to enjoy the time with our new friends. It is so rare that I get an opportunity like that, that I wanted to really have a good time. And a good time is exactly what we had. I won't go into all the details, but it was nice to make friends that day. We had one of those times where you almost have to remind yourself you just met. We shared a lot of the same heart in Christ, and the same pioneering spirit.

As was mentioned in other blogs, our kids hit it off as well. Ours are still talking about meeting the foreigners. It sounds like the boys were of similar minds as well judging by the sugar coated comments in the Prime Ministers suggestion box....

This was actually day two of relaxing and enjoying the company of friends. We also got to spend time with our oldest friends and two of our pastors, Ken and Cheryl. We did that on Friday night. Although Ken and Cheryl are always around, and we see a lot of each other, we haven't just sat down and talked in so long that it made our conversation so special. We talked about everything and just had a great time.

Oh, wait, there is more. We also got to see one of our dearest friends, Terisa, on Sunday. Joe and Terisa run the mission board we are on. They are the couple we went to Niagara Falls with last fall. Ths Sunday at their granddaughter's fourth birthday party was the first time we have seen her in a while. She had some complications form a procedure and was pretty touch and go for a week or so.

I did bring the camera for that, as I end up being the photographer for all of Noel's birthday parties. She is only four and has her own personal paparazzi.

Well, that is about it. I still don't have my computer back, so I am limited on what I can spend time doing. If they have to replace my computer, I may suggest a MacBook....

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Six Word Memoir

Anotherblogonthefire tagged me to sum up my life in six words. At first I thought this was going to be so hard as I am a pretty talkative fellow, but then I remembered I have a personal slogan:

Live the Faith! Ride it Out!
Live the Faith! Ride it Out!

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